5 questions we all had during the Red Table Talk ‘confession’ with Will and Jada

Jada and Will Smith have been in the spotlight over the last two weeks after singer August Alsina says he had an affair with Jada with Will’s permission.

In her series, The Red Table Talk Jada has interviewed many celebrities, psychologists and other prominent people. This time, she brought herself to the table along with husband Will to address the affair claims made by August. The confession left viewers will more questions than answers with many not sure what to make of it. Here are some the questions we had while watching the exchange between Jada and Will:

Jada calling her relationship with August an ‘entanglement’

Why did Jada refer to her relationship with August as an entanglement ? According to Alsina, the couple were in a full on relationship while Will and Jada had separated. Her choice of words has left the internet questioning her inability to call a spade, a spade with many saying she has come up with a new way of saying “casual relationship”.

Did Jada take advantage of August?

During Jada’s time with August, both Will and his wife admit that August was sick when he had first became friendly with the couple. The singer has in the past spoken about suffering from liver disease. During their time together, it would also appear that August was still an up-and-coming singer and that he went to the couple for help. The couple say they helped “pull him through”. Jada said: “it was a joy to help heal someone”.


Was Will on the verge of tears?

We’ve all seen Will cry in movies, in particular the film, The Persuit of Happyness and despite the fact that the couple kept alluding to the fact that this ‘entanglement’ happened a while ago and when the couple split, many viewers felt that Will was on the verge of tears or fighting back tears. Whether or not the relationship with Alsina happened a while ago, it’s clear that the actor is still hurt by it.

Did Will really say ‘I’m going yo get you back’?

The internet did a collective cringe when Will uttered these words: Imma get you back.” To which Jada replied: “You gon’ get me back? I think you got me back. I think we’re good on that, okay?”

Just how many affairs and transgressions did the couple have? The Hollywood rumour mill has been rife that Will had an affair with Charlize Theron at some point. This rumour is unsubstantiated but often comes up. Another rumour is that Will had an affair with Margot Robbie, again another unsubstantiated claim.


Are we all wrong about the way we view marriage or are Will and Jada just toxic?

The couple end their ‘interview’ by changing the words to Will’s iconic line with Martin Lawrence from their hit movie, Bad Boys: “We ride together, we die together, bad boys for life”  which the couple awkwardly changes to “We ride together, we die together, bad marriage for life”.  The couple also say some eyebrow raising things such as Jada alluding to having the relationship with Alsina to “heal”. Many times during the interview the couple speaks about healing and finding themselves and that you cannot find happiness outside yourself. The celebrity-couple also laughed through some awkward points in the talk, making viewers uncomfortable as well.

Watch the full video here:


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