No, Peppermint Crisps aren’t going away (but these chocolates are)

While a notice from a Spar store on social media announcing that Nestlé chocolates such as Peppermint Crisp and Christmas favourite Quality Street will be discontinued has sent South Africa into a meltdown, Nestlé has confirmed that this is not true.

Many South African social media users joked that between lockdown due to Covid-19 salary cuts, Eskom cuts and now “chocolate cuts”, the 2020 year can officially be written off.

According to Nestlé’s consumer communication and marketing excellence director, Zumi Njongwe said your favourites such as Peppermint Crisp and Quality Street are here to stay.

“At Nestlé, our aim is to delight consumers, now and in the future.”

This comes after the news that South African favourite Chocolate Log has also “logged off” and Nestlé seems to be cleaning house on their chocolate range and ‘revamping’.

The new range will include: Nestlé Kitkat Chunky Salted Caramel and Nestlé Chunky White. 

Most notably, you can rest assure your holiday favourite Quality Street, is here to stay.

Njongwe said what is true is that the Milky Bar Double, Bar One Peanut, Milky Bar Peanut will be not be returning to shelves from August 2020.

“We are making way for new, tastier and exciting products for you to enjoy and fall in love with – because you deserve it.”

Quality Street. Photo: Instagram

South African Twitter had a bit of a meltdown after an image was shared saying their Nestlé chocolates would be discontinued.

This fake news sent shockwaves to many Quality Street and Peppermint Crisp lovers, who rightly asked, how are we going to make the South African favourite dessert peppermint crisp tart?

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