Florence Masebe speaks about bad behavior on set

Florence Masebe has seen it all. Having played numerous types of roles, the multi-lingual and outspoken veteran actress is highly respected in the acting industry.

She shared on social media platforms how ill-discipline could stand in the way of a talented actor. Florence further revealed that many actors would rather spend their energy on looks rather than becoming fully-fledged thespians.

Some actors even go as far as wanting to change the character’s wardrobe when they know that’s not what the role requires.

Wanting to change the personality and nature of the script will severely derail the required performance.

It seems this is common and Florence revealed a few amusing accounts of over-the-top conduct various crews had to tolerate from difficult actresses.

Her tweets evoked responses from fellow industry peers, some even saying that this common practice and as much as it was frowned upon, it did happen.

Others stressed the importance of fully immersing oneself into a role and how at times it could be equated to surgery where parts of a person must be numbed to perform a procedure.

Producer, director and actor Neo Matsunayne added a cheeky comment with emojis about the nature of vanity.

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