3 tips to make the o-o-orgasm last longer


Orgasms are delicious, aren’t they? I can get wanting to make them last longer, but do you want one orgasm to last super long or have lots of orgasms coming at you like a flood of pleasure? Here are a few ways to get the pleasure to last a little longer.


It’s all about experimenting, trying out new things and exploring your body or someone else’s. In finding different things that turn you on, you start to figure out things that make your orgasm build up last longer and come stronger. Also, all the breathing is kind of sexy in a downward-dog sort-of-way.


If you want orgasms that last longer there is always the classic tantric sex. The thing about tantra is you have to put in some serious work. Tantric sex is all about being mindful, being extremely present and holding large amounts of sexual energy in your body which is perfect for having orgasms that last long.

Like any good meditative/spiritual-based practice, it takes time and effort, both from yourself and any partners that you want to enjoy this journey with.

There are lots of online spaces that will teach you about tantric sex but a word of warning, it is not just about becoming a sexual connoisseur who can save orgasms in their gentials for days on end, it is a journey of the mind, body and spirit that involves coming to terms with a lot of your personal hang-ups; be they about your body, your sex life or even your past.

It’s a great journey but not one to be taken lightly: a lot of heavy breathing, sitting quietly and thinking about your existence.

But the fruits are worth it, there are plenty of people who swear by tantric sex and the sexual lessons it gives them. In wanting to take control of the length of your orgasms you, by extension, want to take control of your sexual experience, something that very few people actively get into. Tantra can help with that.


Another thing you could do is edging. Edging is when you get just to the brink of orgasm and then draw back. It basically involves doing anything that makes you cum until you are about to cum then stopping or slowing down to let you calm down from the high for a little bit and then taking you to the brink again. It’s a delicious form of torture that allows your body to build up the tension inside. Now this might not make your orgasms necessarily last longer but it will definitely make them more powerful. Getting just to the brink of ecstasy and then drawing back is a great way of making that final climax pop!

About the Author

Tiffany Kagure Mugo is a sex columnist for the Citizen. Her book the Quirky Quick Guide to Having Great Sex is launching in August 2020. She is the co-founder & curator of HOLAA! a Pan-African hub that advocates for, & tackles issues surrounding African female sexuality.

She is a TED speaker, host of the radio show Between the Sheets on TransAfrica Radio. She has written for numerous anthologies & contributes to spaces speaking about sex and politics. She is based in Johannesburg.


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