Makeup artist Nomsa Madida shares her 5 top beauty tips for this year’s Vodacom Durban July

Virtual fashion: Those who want to dress up and enter competitions can win big prizes. This year’s Vodacom Durban July has gone digital.

Highlighting the fashion and beauty element of the event will be the homemade mask that virtual attendees will be showcasing online. This is the ultimate opportunity to look amazing and show off your makeup look.

Organisers have teamed up with influencers and makeup artists to promote decorating masks and showing them off online for a grand prize. Makeup artist extraordinaire, Nomsa Madida, often seen working on celebrity faces on TV sets and behind the scenes of the runway shows, gives us advice on how to accentuate the eye while wearing and showcasing a stylised, self-decorated eye mask. Nomsa has hosted numerous makeup workshops that focus on accentuating facial features.


She’s part of a campaign by the organisers to encourage followers to decorate face masks.

“I am very excited to play around with my mask as the theme this year allows for makeup lovers to experiment with bright colours,” she said.

“I think the fact that the focus is on the eyes, it gives one a huge playground of colours. With this year’s Durban July theme being ‘Butterfly’ means one can play around with blues, oranges greens and definitely reds.”

The Durban July is about bringing out your inner diva. Play around and feel free.

Define your eyes with lashes

Don’t be afraid to wear faux lashes and play with different lengths and thickness. You need the lashes to stand out above the mask and dazzle with length.

Defined lashes : Istock

Wear bright colours

Eye shadow is your friend when you’re wearing a mask. Brightly shaded eyes will get peepers noticed and add a touch of panache. If you’re going for a sexy smouldering eye, try a colourful smoky eye with thicker eyeliner. Smokey eye makeup always turns up the corners of your eyes and immediately accentuates the shape.

Colourful makeup: Istock

Graphic Eyes

‘Graphic eyes’ is clarified by using eyeliner as the highlighter around the eyes. Use a bright shade of red (The colour of the sponsor) or even orange to line the eyes without adding eyeshadow. This minimalist look will have all your followers sharing pictures of your trendy eyelids.

Graphic eyes : Istock

Bling Bling 

A very brazen look is glitter on the eyes, but it’s sure to grab attention. Play with sticky glitter stickers around your eyes in metallic and bright shades. Have fun with the look and go for drama by adding brightly-hued glitter from the crease of the eye to the eyebrow.

Glitter vivid makeup: Istock

Add texture

Whether it’s flowers, lace fabric or leaves, add texture to your lids. Use a skin-friendly glue to add texture to your bright makeup.

Abstract colourful splash makeup.  Istock


Shamrock patterns. Istock

Images: Istock

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