WATCH: ANC recalls municipality chief whip over ‘F**k you, you uncircumcised boy!’

The ANC has recalled Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality chief whip councillor Lindelwa Penisi, after she was caught on video swearing at a group of people standing in an open field with water buckets.

News24 understands that Penisi unleashed the verbal tirade in Magaleni Township, in Fort Beaufort’s Ward 20, where residents had been enduring unreliable and interrupted water supply for two months.

In the video on social media, an angry Penisi can be heard shouting: “I don’t care, you can call all those who voted for me. Go ahead, you piece of shit. Hey you, you don’t have a right to say anything because you never voted for me. Fuck you, you uncircumcised boy. Go get circumcised. I am not scared of you. You can go ahead if you like and hire a water tanker from your own pocket. Do it, I don’t give a damn!”

An ANC councillor, who asked not to be named, said that a water tanker had just arrived in the area to deliver water on Sunday afternoon when Penisi rushed in and redirected it elsewhere.

“We hear that she apparently punishes her political detractors by withholding service delivery,” the councillor claimed.

“If true, then this is very disappointing because, as a leader of a community, she is supposed to help everyone regardless of what faction they belong to.”

On Monday evening, ANC Eastern Cape provincial secretary Lulama Ngcukaithobi said the party had recalled Penisi after the “circulation of a video recording wherein she is seen exchanging vulgar verbal insults with members of the public”.

Ngcukaithobi said the ANC in the Eastern Cape condemned in the strongest possible terms this “un-ANC behavior and will never be tolerated,” he said.

He added that disciplinary processes would be instituted against Penisi.

“Such abhorrent behaviour makes a complete mockery of the office she holds and is contemptuous to the people of Raymond Mhlaba Municipality and the constituency she represents.

“We will at all times defend our people’s hard-won democracy and protect it against those who are clearly working relentlessly to undermine it.”


Called for comment, Penisi said: “Please call me after 30 minutes, because I am on the road, I may lose network connections.”

News24 called Penisi after 30 minutes but she failed to pick up her phone again.

The DA’s caucus leader in the Raymond Mhlaba Municipality, councillor Cecilia Auld, said the party would support nothing less than a removal of Penisi.

“Not only was this an embarrassment for the ANC, she is an elected official, supposed to serve the people. Her behaviour was scandalous, so to speak. Her abuse of the office and the people who voted her into power is very disappointing. She had broken her mandate to the people and therefore has proven unworthy of a public representative.

“Her behaviour must be examined at the ethics committee, but clearly she is not fit to hold an office in this institution. We will support her removal and we call for proper disciplinary processes to be followed.”

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