Intermittent fasting, strict calorie intake- just how safe are these diets?

Celebrity diets are often as trendy as their lifestyle and hip hop artists and rapper Boity Thulo is one such celeb sharing their weight loss journey recently.

Admitting that her choices in food have not been the best the former TV presenter wants to return to healthy living.

From burning over 1,000 calories, a strict 900 calorie-intake, and an interest in increasing popular intermittent fasting, celebrity fitness goals are not for the faint-hearted.

Intermittent fasting can be seen by some for quick weight loss, dietician Caulin Goodchild said it depends on the individual on the times they decided to fast. “It’s broken up for individually, a person can choose to fast for 16 hours and then eat for 8 hours, or fast for 20 hours and eat during a 4 hour period.”

Celebrities who have done this successfully and have made it their lifestyle includes Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, Jennifer Aniston, and Kourtney Kardashian who say they go without food for about 16 hours.

Goodchild said it is important to focus on the calorie intake and to not just eat anything. Food that has good nutrients such as your vegetables and protein.

Intermittent fasting might sound quite drastic to maintain a healthy lifestyle or to lose weight, the method has however become increasingly popular.

What is also a notable trend is a strict calorie intake daily, eating about 1000 calories a day.

“They are very extreme diets, lower-calorie sometimes is not sustainable after two weeks it probably becomes harder to sustain this and it becomes a crash diet. You don’t have to go so low.”

This is what a person could eat for 1000 calories:

  • 1 cup of oats
  • 2 apples
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 tin of tuna
  • 1 tsp mayo
  • 100 grams cauliflower
  • 14 almonds
  • 1 c full cream milk

Goodchild recommends that a person should choose a diet that works for them individually.

“Eat balanced food. No one food can make you gain weight and fill half your plate with veggies.”

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