#WhoMadeMyClothes is the hashtag that you will be seeing in the lead up to Fashion Revolution Day

To join this initiative, simply wear your clothes inside out, take a photo, and post it on social networks with the hashtag “#WhoMadeMyClothes.”

Do you really know the origin of each piece of clothing in your closet? If not, this week will allow you to take stock and question brands about the traceability of their products.

Initially held annually on April 24, the date chosen to pay tribute to the victims of the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh, Fashion Revolution Day has gradually been transformed into Fashion Revolution Week (April 19-25, 2021) to raise awareness among consumers, brands, and public authorities about more ethical and responsible fashion.

Clothing traceability

Knowing the origin of the raw materials used in the design of your favorite T-shirt, knowing who wove the pattern for that skirt you only wear on special occasions, or finding out how your handbag got to the store where you bought it: these concerns are becoming paramount for consumers, as recent surveys conducted since the beginning of the pandemic have shown.

However brands are not systematically responding to this demand for more information. That’s where Fashion Revolution Week comes in, allowing consumers to directly ask brands about the provenance of the clothes they wear every day.

Despite significant progress in recent months, the fashion industry remains one of the most polluting in the world, and among the least transparent.

Entitled “Rights, relationships and revolution,” this 2021 edition of Fashion Revolution Week will focus on human exploitation and the degradation of ecosystems, but also on the need for a “radical shift” in “relationships between brands and suppliers” to revolutionize the industry and reduce its impact on the planet.

The hashtag to watch: #WhoMadeMyClothes

While you can use this week to reflect on your own clothing consumption, there’s another, even more impactful way to participate.

The idea of Fashion Revolution Day — or Fashion Revolution Week — is to wear your clothes inside out for at least a day to highlight the label, and question their origin. If you’re not in a daring mood, you can simply take a picture of the label and post it on social networks with the hashtag “#WhoMadeMyClothes” and the name of the associated brand.

More than a simple day of awareness, it is about questioning the brands on the lack of transparency linked to some — or even all — of their clothes, and to stimulate conversation on the different production steps necessary before the sale of the product. In this year of pandemic the hashtag should be more used than ever. To your keyboards!

For more information: Fashionrevolution.org.

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