Heinz Winckler and wife Aletté talk marriage in new book

Lux Verbi recently approached Heinz and Aletté Winckler to put together a book on marriage after the couple’s apparent success with their online wedding seminar which they presented during lockdown in 2020.

“We still receive testimonies of how it helped them,” says Heinz Winckler about the more than 1,500 people who signed up for the seminar. “And here it is,” he writes. “The cover of our book that will be available in all good bookstores on 1 February – Kom ons praat oor die huwelik. Yay! We are very excited to be able to share this with you.”

The singer, actor and lead pastor of LoveKey Church says that as a married couple they believe that a healthy nation is built on healthy families, that healthy families are built on healthy marriages and that healthy marriages are built on a true relationship with Jesus Christ.

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The book is said to include discussions on biblical foundations that need to be in place, how to get rid of emotional baggage and how to communicate. Heinz says that in the book they also touch on intimacy, finances, in-laws and many other things that married couples need to deal with in their day-to-day lives.

Aletté also shared her excitement about the book’s launch on her Instagram feed, saying that they had been asked to write a book on marriage 10 years ago and that their reaction then was: “No way!”

She says they felt that they needed more experience in the field of marriage, but that when the book became the natural next step from their online wedding seminar, they knew that the time was right.

“We have eaten 10 years more bags of salt and four kids later, we definitely have more to share,” says the entrepreneur and image consultant. “One thing is certain, our marriage is not perfect, and we also don’t try to pretend that it is. We write from a place of mistakes we’ve made and how others can rather prevent it. We write from a man and woman’s perspective, and above all, the book is based on truth; the word of God.”

Heinz and Aletté Winckler celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary in September last year and they have three sons and a daughter.

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