Zoleka Mandela says she receives no financial support from her children’s fathers

Mother of six and granddaughter to the Mandela family Zoleka Mandela has put her foot down when it comes to doing work for free.

She shared this declaration in an Instagram post reflecting on a day in her life as a mother of six.

“I’m finally done for the day. No, actually… I just need to make dinner for the kids and then I’m done! My day started off with a training session, then I had a therapy session with my Addiction Counsellor whom I’ve been seeing for 11 [years] now then I self cared after, managed to get my nails done and was too famished to do my hair!” wrote Zoleka in a lengthy Instagram caption. 

She shared what topics she was told to focus on this week as part of her “therapy homework.” 

The first involved thinking about how and why she self-sabotages her own happiness and what that means to her, while the second involved brainstorming ways to find multiple streams of income. 

“I have to sleep and pray over, and seriously commit to my thoughts because I will never in this lifetime, financially depend on anyone but myself.”

Zoleka then implored anyone reading to “please stop asking and expecting me to do things for free, I’m not doing that with you again. If you make money off of me, I’m making money off you too!” 

“I’m a single parent and albeit being a ‘Mandela’, I am not rich and my kids’ fathers don’t help me look after their/our kids,” she concluded. 

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In another post, Zoleka shared a “throwback” video from her last birthday and declared that she would never fall pregnant again. 

“I’m giving birth to my very last baby for the rest of my life. I’m serious, it’s not funny and I don’t know why you’re laughing about it! Anyway, as I was saying, by the time I turn 43 in April 2023, I’m going to look and feel even better than what I looked like in this video (where I made the decision to be very single).”

Zoleka went on to state that she doesn’t want a man in her life because being in love causes her to gain weight and she’s not trying to battle a weight gain shortly after falling pregnant. 

“I just don’t know how I’m going to cope without the sexual benefits of having a man because I don’t want the relationship per se, but I want the part where he comes over when I tell him to without him spending the night, without him being with anyone else or bothering me with feelings because that’s just not in my DNA anymore!”

“Not to worry though, I’m in therapy for this because the therapist says I clearly have so many issues to work through because just WTF is wrong with me?” she concluded.

Zoleka recently made headlines after she announced her pregnancy in December.

“Dear Diary, so like, I thought I had food poisoning, turns out I was pregnant with my 6th child. New hashtag loading #42YrOldMotherOf6 but for now, #41YrOldMotherOf6” she wrote. 

Zoleka is a South African writer and activist, who also happens to be Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter. She is the daughter of the late Zindziswa ‘Zindzi’ Mandela and Oupa Johannes Mafanyana Seakamela. 

In her books, she has written about her battle with addiction, her daughter’s death, and her journey fighting and overcoming breast cancer.

In addition to losing her daughter Zenani at the age of 13 in a car accident in 2010, Zoleka lost her infant son, Zenawe, in 2011. 

She has a son and two other daughters and will soon be welcoming another baby whose gender she has not yet shared with the public.

She has, however, shared that she will be naming the baby Zingce.

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