Fed-up community beat up criminals to a pulp

A group of suspected young criminals allegedly tormenting the villagers in Venda, Limpopo were taught a ‘lesson’ that they will never forget in their lives.

According to Blessing Ramoba, this gang had been going around stealing and assaulting villagers at night until they had enough of them.
“A group of criminals from Tshiozwi village, Venda, Limpopo, outside Louis Trichardt were caught and brutally beaten by the community this morning,” Ramoba tweeted on Sunday, 26 June.

“It’s reported that they go around stealing and beating up people at night if You don’t give them what they want,”


The four boys were beaten up to a pulp, all depicting swollen faces covered in scars and blood.

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It seems the police were called to intervene after the young men were ‘handled’ by the community in Venda, judging by the first photograph showing a cropped part of what appears to be a police vehicle.


Unlike Elvis Nyathi, who was assaulted and set alight by a mob in Diepsloot informal settlement early this year, the four boys seem to have been taught just a lesson not to mess with the community ever again.

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