eThekwini residents are urged to disconnect Jojo tanks immediately

In response to the increasing water scarcity in certain areas, the eThekwini Municipality is appealing to residents with static water tanks, commonly known as Jojo tanks, to disconnect them from the Municipal reticulation system.

The aim is to conserve water and ensure a more equitable distribution of the precious resource.

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“Residents are encouraged to practice rainwaterharvesting as a viable option for additional water storage,” said eThekwini Municipality in a statement.

Challenges in the Phoenix 2 Reservoir Zone in eThekwini

The Phoenix 2 Reservoir Zone is facing significant challenges due to the surge in static water tanks within residential properties.

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This has led to persistent water outages in various northern areas, particularly impacting regions such as Phoenix.

The increased number of static water tanks in homes has disrupted the balance of water supply, causing intermittent or no water supply for some families, while the reservoir accumulates excess storage.

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To mitigate these issues, the City is actively addressing water outages and appeals to residents to disconnect static tanks from the Municipality’s water reticulation network.

Warning: Non-cooperation may lead to water restrictors on Jojo tanks

Failure to cooperate may result in drastic measures, including the installation of restrictors on properties with static tanks to limit water consumption.

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Approximately 70 percent of properties with static tanks draw water from the Phoenix 2 Reservoir Zone, necessitating additional reservoir filling for equitable water distribution.

The Municipality emphasises the importance of using water sparingly and apologises for any inconvenience caused in the affected areas, including Sunford, Hannaford, Phoenix Highway, and others.


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