Report vandalism and earn R2500

As the George Municipality celebrated the joyous season with the dazzling Christmas Lights Festival in Pacaltsdorp, an unfortunate turn of events unfolded. Vandalism struck key areas, notably York Street in the George CBD and the Unity Park Circle, dimming the festive spirit.

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The damage not only targeted power lines but also crucial controller units, escalating repair costs and causing delays in restoring the festive glow.

Swift repairs underway

Swift action from the Municipality’s Electrotechnical Department Services is underway to repair and replace the vandalised components.

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However, the public’s cooperation is crucial in preventing further destruction.

Vandalism is not only a crime but also a drain on ratepayers’ finances, emphasising the need for collective responsibility.

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Vigilance rewarded: R2500 for combating vandalism

In response to this issue, the George Municipality is taking a proactive approach by offering a reward of R2500 for information leading to the successful conviction of vandals in a court of law.

“Please report people tampering, painting, breaking, or stealing municipal property to the SAPS and George Municipality Law Enforcement (044 801 6350 or 044 801 6300 after hours) as soon as you see it happening.

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“If you can take pictures of the culprits in the act without endangering yourself, it will help a lot. Thank you in advance for helping us protect our infrastructure,” said the George Municipality in a statement.

Witness protection for reward

Those willing to step forward as witnesses are assured that their identity will be protected, while the reward serves as an incentive for their valuable cooperation.

Reporting to 0860 044 044 makes individuals eligible for the R2500 reward, reinforcing the message that united efforts can safeguard community assets and preserve the festive spirit for everyone.


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