Water supply resumes in parts of eThekwini after electricity restoration

The eThekwini Municipality has successfully resumed water pumping operations to the Umlazi 2 Tower and Umlazi 3 Reservoir. Aiming to rectify water supply disruptions experienced by local residents.

The recent outage was a result of an electricity failure. That impacted the functioning of both facilities, leaving parts of Umlazi without water.

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The eThekwini Municipality outlines timelines for water restoration

“Water is anticipated to start flowing from Umlazi 2 Tower to Umlazi H and G sections from this evening. While supply of water to Umlazi K and J sections is expected to be fully restored by Monday, 01 January 2024, this is because Umlazi 3 reservoir is still building up sufficient water levels,”said the eThekwini Municipality.

Ongoing efforts include the construction of additional storage at the reservoirs. To ensure sustained water availability.

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Residents receiving water are urged to use it judiciously, given the ongoing recovery process.

Municipal apology and swift response to ensure water reliability

The Municipality acknowledges the inconvenience caused by the water outage. It also extends sincere apologies to affected residents.

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This development signifies a swift response from the eThekwini Municipality. Addressing the challenges posed by the electricity disruption and emphasising the commitment to ensuring a reliable water supply for the community.

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