Car swept away in Umgeni River in KZN

Emergency response teams, including IPSS Search & Rescue, Durban Metro Search & Rescue, SAPS Search & Rescue, START RESCUE, and NSRI, have mobilised at the Umgeni River in KwaDabeka following a distressing incident.

A vehicle was swept away while attempting to cross a low-lying bridge, triggering a coordinated rescue effort.

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River rescue: teams navigate challenges to save lives

“A lengthy water rescue was conducted, which extended over a number of hours due to the complexity of the rope system required.

“Rescue attempts were hampered by fading light and the fast flowing water. The two occupants were successfully retrieved from the vehicle,” said IPSS Medical Rescue.

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Following their extraction, the individuals are currently undergoing a thorough assessment by Emergency Medical Rescue Services (EMRS) and Netcare911.

To ensure their well-being and address any potential medical concerns arising from the distressing incident.

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Bystander washed away attempting rescue

“There are unconfirmed reports of a bystander that was washed away whilst attempting to rescue the occupants prior to the arrival of rescuers,” said IPSS Medical Rescue.

This underscores the inherent dangers and unpredictability associated with such emergencies, emphasising the importance of coordinated and timely responses to ensure the safety of all individuals involved.

This is a developing story.

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