Koeberg Unit 1 passes load rejection test

In a significant milestone for South Africa’s energy sector, Eskom has announced the successful completion of the full load rejection test on Unit 1 of the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station.

The test, conducted on Saturday, 30 December 2023, marks the final step in the rigorous testing process following the installation of new steam generators.

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The full load rejection test is a critical assessment, ensuring that the power station can safely and efficiently handle sudden changes in load demand.

SAGC compliance at Koeberg Unit 1

This particular test adheres to the stringent requirements outlined in the South African Grid Code (SAGC), emphasising the commitment to maintaining high safety and operational standards.

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Eskom expressed satisfaction with the positive outcome of the test, highlighting its importance in verifying the reliability of the recently installed steam generators.

These generators play a pivotal role in the power generation process, and their successful integration is a key component of Eskom’s ongoing efforts to enhance the efficiency and longevity of the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station.

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“The successful completion of the test serves as an encouragement as Eskom plans to undertake similar stream generator replacement activities on Unit 2,” said Eskom in a statement.

Eskom’s Unit 1 success bolsters Unit 2 plans

As Eskom progresses with its plans for Unit 2, the successful test on Unit 1 stands as a testament to the expertise and dedication of the teams involved.

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The completion of this critical phase sets a positive tone for the continued reliability and efficiency of the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station, contributing to the stability of South Africa’s power supply in the years to come.


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