Increased traffic expected for South Africa

Increased traffic could be expected for South Africa, as thousands of South Africans prepare to head back to their homes after the holidays.

Roads and highways might be a lot busier for the first week of January, and the SA Department of Transport have urged South Africans to remain safe when on the roads.

Make sure that you’re aware of what the highways or roads will look like before making your travel plans.

We’d like all South Africans to stay safe during this time, and to remain vigilant on the roads.

Here’s more about local traffic expectations, and which areas might be the most affected.

Increased traffic expected for South Africa

According to the SA Department of Transport, the period after the holidays can be some of the busiest times for increased traffic on local roads.

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Thousands of South Africans are returning home after the holidays, which could mean that roads and highways are busier than other times of the year.

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December and January are busy months for the road, where traffic is expected to be at a height.

If you’re going anywhere, you’re advised to remain vigilant of road conditions (and aware of other drivers on the road).

Watching the traffic report

Stay aware on the road at all times, and never drive when you are inebriated or tired. Stop over when possible, and take regular breaks when driving. These basic road tips from the Automobile Association (AA) can help you to stay safer, even in high traffic.

The traffic report from websites like i-traffic and TomTom.com helps you to estimate the load on the country’s highways and roads – and it’s advised that everyone checks before making their next travel plans.

If you’re headed home for the holidays, make sure you remain safe.

South African roads and the weather

The SA Weather Service have also cautioned against weather warnings for some of the country’s provinces, including Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal, and the Eastern and Western Cape.

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Weather conditions could affect the safety and conditions of the roads.

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Be especially careful when driving in adverse weather conditions.

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