Full moon peaks later this month: here’s more!

The full moon peaks later this month, bringing the WORM MOON to the skies. Remember to mark the date if you’d like to see the month meet in a spectacular lunar event. It’s something special that you don’t want to miss.

Love watching the moon?

March has a special treat, happening later.

Here’s when you should look up for March’s sky event.

Full moon peaks later this month

Lunar photographers get ready for this month.

The Worm Moon happens during March.

March’s full moon is happening on 25 March, 2024.

According to Time and Date, it’s the Worm Moon, because of this month’s earthworm activity. It completes a 28-day lunar cycle.

April’s full moon

April’s moon event announces spring.

This lunar event is happening on 23 April, 2024. According to Time and Date, it’s the Pink Moon.

Spring blossoms give this month’s moon its name.

There’s a solar eclipse in April, too. It will be visible from North America and parts of the UK. South Africans will have to stream this special event online.

The Moon in May

May’s moon is on 23 May,. 2024.

What happens after spring?

You’re right if you guessed flowers. May’s full lunar event is the Flower Moon! Mark the date for May’s event and make sure you don’t miss it.

June’s moon

According to Time and Date, expect June’s moon on 21 June, 2024.

It happens on Solstice, which is the years’ longest day. June is called the Strawberry Moon, or sometimes the Green Corn Moon and Rose Moon.

Each month’s moon gets its own name, to distinguish it from the rest of the year.

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