South Africa’s first franchise food restaurants

South Africa’s history is filled with food, and there’s a long history of franchises that bring good food to its masses. Don’t know what you’d like to eat? There’s plenty of food options, including KFC, Chicken Licken, or Debonairs.

What was the country’s first franchise food restaurant?

The answer isn’t KFC – it’s not McDonald’s either!

Here’s more about the country’s franchise business, and who got here first.

South Africa’s franchise food restaurants

Franchise restaurants have been around for a long time.

Unfortunately, South Africans missed out on many great international tastes thanks to sanctions. We couldn’t enjoy cheeseburgers – or freedom.

According to Famous Brands, Steers was established in the 1960s.

Locals have enjoyed their Real Burgers for decades.

KFC South Africa

KFC goes back to 1930.

However, the first South African KFC branch opened its doors in 1971. The first KFC store was in Orange Grove, Johannesburg.

The brand has expanded to include more than 300 countrywide stores since then.

KFC has more than 22, 000 outlets worldwide.

Local KFC restaurants have a pretty unique menu.

Sure, we have chicken on the menu just like everyone else. Local eaters also get pap and sauce, which you won’t find anywhere else.

What would you like to see on local KFC menus?

Stores also recently added Fully-Loaded Fries.

How other restaurants started

Steers has been around since the 1960s, started by George Halamandaris.

McDonald’s opened their first South African restaurant in 1995.

Shoprite comes from Cape Town, with its first stores founded in 1979. Chicken Licken traces its origins back to 1982, allowing people a uniquely new taste.

Debonairs Pizza? They’re from 1991.

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