Victim of Eastern Cape school assault awarded R5m in damages

The Eastern Cape Department of Education has reached an agreement to compensate a young woman from Nelson Mandela Bay with a sum of R5 million

This decision comes after she was subjected to a harrowing incident of rape during a fundraising event termed as a “house of horrors” organized for pupils at her primary school.

‘House of horror’ fundraising violates young girl

Daily Maverick reported that teachers had organised a ‘house of horrors’ fundraiser and left children without supervision at Susannah Fourie Primary School in Kariega.

In 2016, the teachers turned the girls toilet into a “ghost house, boys were given masks and told to scare the girls coming into the toilets and this little girl was 11 years old at the time.

Two men were allegedly reported that they had the same masks given to the boys and had slipped into the toilet without being noticed and snatched the girl and sexually assaulted her.

This young girl had been sexually assaulted for the third time in her life.

Finally she has now found some justice, at the age of 19 represented by  Lessing Van der Bank Attorneys.

The Eastern Cape Education Department had admitted negligence and didn’t dispute the facts, They agreed to pay R5 million in damages to the survivor.

South Africa’s rape stats

Reported by the South African News Agency, releasing the 2022/23 third quarter crime statistics, the Minister said the reported rape cases took place at the residence of the perpetrator/victim, including residences known by victims/ perpetrators. These were family, friends and neighbours.

In the same period, he said 4 992 suspects were arrested for gender-based violence and femicide (GBVF) and related crimes. In the three months, sexual offences increased by 9.6%.

All Sexual Offences decreased by 25.4%.

Over the three months, 71 accused were handed down 89 life sentences for sexual related crimes.

Above this, 219 accused were sentenced between one to nine years imprisonment, culminating to a total of 1079 years behind bars.


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