Why service delivery is not right in all of Southern Africa

Service delivery is South Africa’s hot topic.

There’s a lot to say.

Garbage collection, water access, and other governmental services aren’t always as efficient as South Africans are expecting. Sometimes, these services are nonexistant or entirely lacking.

Why is this true in a democratic country like South Africa?

Why is it true in a country where people want to work – and want their things to work?

Here’s why it’s not right in all of Southern Africa.

Service Delivery: Paul Mashatile blames ‘apartheid government’

Minister Paul Mashatile blames ‘apartheid government’ over service delivery, according to The South African news.

Apartheid’s collapsing infrastructure leaves problems, according to Mashatile. South Africans are, so far, divided about what he has said.

Undelivered services are a growing international issue.

Service delivery and the resources lacking

Lacking resources could be a reason for South Africa’s current services lacking. People who want to do their jobs, might not have access to the resources to do it – leading to service gaps.

Does every municipality have enough to make things happen?

Delivery protests and lacking services say no.

Service delivery and crime or corruption

Crime costs, and leaves important state departments with lacking budgets.

Services can’t be delivered where crime or corruption interfere, Criminals interrupt important work – or crime just takes important money.

Crime is a problem for everyone.

Report crime and corruption. It stops bad things, but might also restart good things.

Delivery complaints can also go to The Presidential Hotline: 17737.

What helps?

What helps South Africa to recover?

Be involved in South Africa yourself. Small contributions make a big difference – and everyone can do something to change the nation’s state.

Get involved in your community. Take action in your street. Collaborate with local security, police, and government services. Know what’s going on around you.

Report crime to the South African Police Service (SAPS).

Together, South Africa can be better.

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