Government cracks down on undocumented foreign workers

The Department of Employment and Labour (DEL) has strongly cautioned South African companies against employing undocumented foreigners in their workplaces.

Undocument foreign nationals in South Africa

The DEL has warned South African businesses that employ foreigners who have undocumented or fraudulent documents employers would be find and employees would be arrested.

According to The Star Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi urged for stricter penalties to be imposed on business owners who knowingly hired undocumented foreigners.

The Star reported that the department was concerned about the increasing numbers of foreigners who were undocumented working in the retail sector.

The department’s provincial chief inspector, Chris Sithole stated that 54 foreign nationals were arrested, and 120 compliance orders were issued to non-compliant employers, who were given a set time to rectify their situation.

North West CFO with fraudulent residence permit

The CFO of a North West government entity  Kudakwashe Mpofu,criticized the Home Affairs Department for not acknowledging his court papers, is allegedly using fraudulent documentation to stay in South Africa.

Reported by TimesLive Home Affairs minister Aaron Motsoaledi during an official briefing in Pretoria revealed that Mpofu has an illegal permit.

He stated that Mpofu was notified as early as June 23, 2023, that his claimed permanent residence permit was fraudulent.

10 March it was reported by the Sunday World reported that Mpofu, a Zimbabwean national, was vigorously resisting the Home Affairs Department’s attempts to deport him.

The paper reported he was also complaining that the department had failed to reply to his court papers. 

Motsoaledi said it was disappointing that Mpofu was able to work in a high position in government while using a fraudulent document. 

Motsoaledi questioned some Home Affairs officials on why they did not open a police case when they saw that Mpofu’s document were fraudulent.

He also questioned why the human resources division in the North West department of economic development had not done a due diligence to verify Mpofu’s documentation. 

Last month in the Eastern Cape, Motsoaledi advocated for penalties against individuals who knowingly hire undocumented foreigners.

He proposed the implementation of by-laws to deter them from running businesses and urged parents to register their children to prevent situations like that of Thabo Bester.


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