Mbalula labels Zuma a fraudster and liar

ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula calls former president Zuma a fraudster and a liar.

Mbalula name shames Zuma

Mbalula describes Zuma as the most disruptive person in the national democratic revolution (NDR).

According to The Star Mbalula said that Zuma had endangered the NDR by taking a last-ditch effort, putting it in a risky position.

“He’s been mobilising members of the ANC and everyone else against the movement. History will remember him for that – for putting the ANC in a difficult position as a former president and a former stalwart of the movement.

“Today he says he must not be called by the name Jacob Zuma. I don’t know (what name) we should call him by, because he’s Jacob Zuma. The fact that he was a comrade was because he was with us. His people and his Chihuahuas called our president names every day.”

Mbalula stated that Zuma should first teach his supporters manners since they were the ones insulting President Cyril Ramaphosa.

MK Party threatens the IEC

The ANC strongly denounces recent remarks from Jacob Zuma’s uMkhonto Wesizwe (MK) party, which threaten violence against the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) and challenge the core principles of our democracy.

According to Politics Web the MK Party had threatened anarchy, riots, and disrupting elections which are not only reckless but also directly endanger democracy and South Africa’s people.

The ANC had called on all South Africans to be united and stand against any attempts to intimidate or undermine the integrity of the elections.

The deputy CEO of the IEC, Mawethu Mosery, warned the party against undermining elections.

Mosery, said they had taken note of the parties making inflammatory public statements that tarnish elections and would engage them on these statements.

According to IOL the DA and MK Party have been making public statements that have been seen as undermining the elections.

Visvin Reddy member of the MK Party has been seen on social media making threats if the party was not allowed to contest the elections.

Zuma’s candidacy faces constitutional issues due to his criminal record, stemming from a 15-month direct imprisonment sentence imposed by the Constitutional Court.


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