Waste collection resumes in eThekwini Municipality as strike ends

The eThekwini Municipality has officially announced the resumption of refuse collection and street sweeping services, bringing relief to residents and businesses.

“EThekwini Municipality informs residents and businesses that refuse collection and street sweeping service have resumed,” said eThekwini Municipality on X platform.

“Massive clean-up operations and the clearing of the waste collection backlog has already commenced.”

eThekwini Municipality workers demand equal pay

Following a period of disruption caused by a strike initiated by eThekwini Municipality workers affiliated with the South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU), demands for pay parity with the Ekurhuleni Municipality and the implementation of category 10 pay scales were made.

This led to a halt in essential services. Including refuse collection and street sweeping, as workers protested from 27 February onwards.

Strike violence hindered city services

During the strike, reports emerged of intimidation and attacks on non-striking employees. These actions exacerbated the city’s inability to address faults. To also restore basic amenities like water, refuse collection, and electricity across the municipality.

To alleviate the impact on residents, the eThekwini Municipality swiftly opened landfill sites to the public, as reported by The South African.

After prolonged negotiations and mounting pressure, the strike was officially called off last week. Samwu encouraged workers to return to their duties while discussions with municipal authorities continued, as per TimesLIVE.

eThekwini Municipality swiftly cleans up post-strike

With the strike concluded, the municipality wasted no time. It launched massive clean-up operations to tackle the backlog of waste collection and ensure that streets are promptly swept.

Furthermore, the resumption of services marks a significant step towards normalcy for residents and businesses in eThekwini.

However, despite facing challenges, the municipality remains vigilant. It proactively addresses the concerns raised by its workers to prevent future disruptions and ensures efficient service.


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