Kanye West controversy after BAD Rolling Loud performance

Rapper Kanye West (‘Ye’) is under fire for his performance at the world’s largest hip-hop festival, Rolling Loud.

The March performance features other artists from international hip-hop, including Kanye West as a headlining act.

Critics have called the headlining performance nothing short of horrible. Further reports of a violent fight in the crowd have also surfaced, leading to more issues for the international Grammy-winner.

Will West bounce back after what could have been one of his worst ever performances?

Should he join the ranks of retired rappers before it’s too late?

Here’s more about the latest West controversy.

Kanye West causes controversy

Rolling Loud is one of the world’s largest hip-hop, rap music festivals.

Kanye’s latest performance has been called horrible, says the LA Times.

Disappointed concertgoers watched as Kanye West ‘barely performed’ his set. It’s surprising for someone who was once known as one of the best rappers in the business.

A fight also broke out at the event.

It’s not his first controversy. Sponsors distanced themselves from West after he publically praised dictator Adolf Hitler in an interview.

He’s performed at the same music festival before. Past reviews were good, praising West’s stage delivery and speed.

What do you think caused his ‘bad’ performance?

The Rolling Loud music festival

The Rolling Loud festival calls itself ‘the world’s largest’ festival for rap and hip-hop.

West has headlined before, performing in 2021 and prior years.

However, it’s the first performance lacking enthusiasm. The latest gig happened in California, which is usually considered a hub for good music.

Fans expected better from one of the world’s best rappers.

More about Kanye West

Kanye West is an internationally famous rapper and hip-hop artist. He’s also a fashion designer and producer.

His father was a Black Panther member and activist. West unsuccessfully ran for United States President in 2020, losing the presidential race to Donald Trump.

He changed his name to ‘Ye’ in October 2021.

Rapping has gotten him 24 Grammy Awards.

The latest performance might be ‘one too far’ for fans who came to see a good show, and didn’t get one.

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