Children’s book author Jaco Jacobs runs 15km marathon

Children’s book author Jaco Jacobs likes doing new things, including running solo marathons. Writers don’t just sit down typing all day, and he’s making himself a good example for everyone.

The author brags about his 15km marathon in a Facebook post.

The post shows Jacobs next to his goalpost just after he completed his run. Would you be able to complete a race like this?

He took up running as one of his other interests.

Here’s more about why running is a great idea.

Children’s book author Jaco Jacobs runs 15km

Children’s book author Jaco Jacobs has a lot of different interests.

Running long distances has become one of them. A new Facebook brags about his latest long-distance run, taking him 15km in a straight direction.

Would you be able to jog this far?

After running 15km, he still had to go back to the starting point!

The bestselling writer is breaking stereotypes, showing that you can do anything you’ve set your mind to.

That’s an impressive thing for anyone to add to their accomplishments.

About Jaco Jacobs

Jaco Jacobs was born 22 February, 1980.

He’s a successful children’s book author, who has written several bestselling books for children and young adults.

His favourite superhero is Batman, according to his website.

He grew up in Bloemfotein, and has become one of South Africa’s most successful children’s book writers.

A Good Day for Climbing is one of his popular English books.

Jaco Jacobs: Why running is good for you

Jaco has been running for years.

He’s not running from anything!

Jacobs runs for exercise and leisure, saying he enjoys the exercise and pushing the limits.

He runs 15km marathons today, but started with smaller distances. Start slowly if you’d like to exercise, and take on a little more every day.

You can be just as healthy!

The benefits of exercise

Exercise is good for you.

It’s also good for your body and mind.

According to Healthline, exercise can reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease.

If you don’t run often, you should probably try it!

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