Producer Lil2Hood flashes unique street style

Producer Lil2Hood has toured with some of the biggest international acts, including Die Antwoord. She splashed onto the hip-hop scene with fresh beats, topping charts with her unique remixes.

Anyone who thinks they know how to work a deck, hasn’t met Lil2Hood’s talents yet.

She’s joining Die Antwoord for their international tour, accompanying the controversial duo to their first Budapest performance.

She’s been on African shores before, keeping a tattoo of the continent.

Here’s more about the producer’s career, and how she’s showing off her unique street style.

Lil2Hood flashes unique street style

Producer LIl2Hood posted pictures of her unique street style to her Facebook page.

The caption ‘another one for your mood board’ adorns the photographs, taken by photographer Brandon Parker.

Photographs show producer Hood under dim lighting, hair lighting up the frame. The tattoo and her love for Africa still shines through.

It’s been busy for the musician from Queens, as she prepares to accompany an international tour. It’s just one accomplishment for a very busy artist.

Who knows where she’ll be next?

Gigs also brought Hood to Los Angeles and Brooklyn.

New songs are loaded to her Linktree.

The touring test

She’s no stranger to the Queens music scene, birthed from dark hip=hop beats and street art. But not everyone can tour as well as they’re in the studio.

How does she perform when put to the touring test?

Her live performances are just as incredible as recorded ones. That’s pretty tough.

Fans will see the artist performing in Budapest soon.

‘Who dat?’ About LIl2hood

Lil2Hood is an international producer and beatmaker from Queens, New York.

If you haven’t heard of her yet, you might want to learn about her now. The rising star is fast becoming known as a force to reckon with.

Beats blend darkness with hip-hop, reminiscient of Faithless – but better.

She’s worked with local acts too, including G-Boy (van Boom) and Die Antwoord. Lil2Hood has kept close connections with South Africa’s music, and might even come back for hungry fans.

She runs her own YouTube channel, keeping her music alive.

Find Lil2Hood here

Want to know more?

There’s a lot to know about the rising star from Queens.

You can find the artist’s latest tracks at their Linktree account.

The artist’s YouTube channel contains even more rapcandy.

Dishtagina [Watch]

Lil2Hood is known for her mixing skills.



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