South African F1 world champ to auction prized car collection

South African F1 world champ Jody Scheckter is the last driver to win the championship for Ferrari besides Michael Schumacher. Likewise, he’s the last Ferrari driver to win a championship while old-man Enzo was still alive. He achieved this rare feat back in 1979, behind the wheel of the legendary Ferrari 312 T4.

Now, according to TopAuto, RM Sotheby’s of Monaco will be auctioning off some of the finest cars owned by the South African F1 world champ. This includes his championship-winning 312 T4 and a selection of other race cars he drove and owned during his illustrious career.


Jody Scheckter retired from F1 and became an immeasurably successful farmer in the UK. Here he is pictured with his championship-winning Ferrari 312 at Monza. Image: SA Jewish Report

Born in 1950 in the Eastern Cape, Jody Scheckter overcame apartheid sanctions and managed to get to Europe and race with the very best in the world in Formula 1. This was no mean feat in the 1970s, when motorsport was considered at its most-dangerous. Scheckter infamously caused a massive pile-up at the British GP at Silverstone and was lucky to survive the ordeal.

Nevertheless, the only South African F1 world champ made his debut at the top echelon with McLaren, then raced for Ken Tyrrell and Walter Wolf, before landing the number one seat at Ferrari. Besting the talented Gilles Villeneuve to a world title, the 312 T4 going up for auction is entirely original, just as it left the Maranello factory 45-years ago.


South African F1 world champ
Scheckter has been a friend of the Ferrari brand ever since he won them a championship in 1979. Image: Ferrari.com

It is reported that as many as 12 vehicles from Scheckter’s personal collection will go under the hammer on 10-11 May 2024. Here’s a list of the cars, including the money each is predicted to rake in. Moreover, the provenance of the South African F1 world champ should be almost priceless:

  • 1979 Ferrari 312 T4 – F1 championship winner:  R132.9 million (pictured above).
  • 1971 McLaren M19A – one of two ever built: R20.4 million.
  • 1973 McLaren M23 – won the F1 constructor’s championship: R46 million (pictured below).
  • 1977 Tyrrell P34 ‘six-wheeler’ – one of the most unique F1 designs ever: R13.3 million (pictured below).
The infamous Tyrrell with six wheels. It wasn’t as good as the conventional four-wheeler of 1975, which is also to be auctioned. Image: File


South African F1 world champ race cars on auction
Top: 1977 Wolf WR1. Bottom: 1973 McLaren M23. Images: RM Sotheby’s of Monaco
  • 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ: R9.2 million.
  • 1969 Merlyn Mk11a: R1.3 million.
  • 1971 Merlyn Mk21: R1.1 million.
  • 1972 McLaren M21: R4.1 million.
  • 1973 Rondel Motul M1: R2 million.
  • 1974 Trojan T101: R2 million.
  • 1975 Tyrrell 007: R18.4 million.
  • 1977 Wolf WR1: R13.3 million (pictured).

Impressively, should all the items sell high, the South African F1 world champ can expect to have a very profitable weekend. He’s earn just shy of R270 million.

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