All the full moon dates for 2024

March’s full moon is happening tonight!

Exciting news, isn’t it?

You can look up at the skies tonight for the Worm Moon. It’s this year’s third lunar event, and you don’t want to miss it.

But what about the year’s other upcoming lunar events?

Don’t worry about remembering the dates.

We’ll tell you all the moon dates for 2024.

Here’s all the lunar events – for the rest of the year!

Full moon for March and April

March’s lunar event is happening tonight.

25 March, 2024 is the Worm Moon. Worms are active during this part of the year. If you didn’t know it: every moon gets its own name, corresponding to the month.

March’s moon is in the Libra Constellation.

Next there’s April.

Look up on 23 April, 2024. You’ll get to see the Full Fish Moon! It’s the year’s fourth full moon, says FullMoonology.com.

Full moon: June to August

June to August brings more great lunar events for you to look at!

21 June, 2024 is the new season’s first moon. The next lunar event happens just a month later – on 21 July.

July’s moon is also called the Hay and Thunder Moon.

Expect to see August’s event on 19 August, 2024. Don’t miss it!s

August is the Sturgeon Moon.

Full moon: September to November

September brings a special event for moon sighting lovers.

The September moon (17 September) is also a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse!

On 17 October this year, see the Super Hunter’s Moon. Super moons are larger, and they’re truly special to see!

November’s moon (15 November) is called the Full Beaver Moon.

December’s moon

There’s one more lunar event.

December’s moon is on the month’s last day. You can see the December moon on 31 December this year.

There you go!

Make sure you don’t miss a single lunar event for the year.

Set a reminder on your smartphone if you’re bad at remembering things.

We’ve got your back.

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