Four things ALL South Africans need to have

Locally speaking, there are four things all South Africans need to have.

It’s not about cars and fancy clothes, but all about basic needs. South Africans have the right to social welfare, identity documents, basic housing, and water.

These are our basic human rights.

South Africa has a strong Constitution, but is it being enforced?

If your rights aren’t respected, you can send a complaint to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

These aren’t wants, but needs.

South Africans couldn’t, without these things, build a better future – or basic life.

Here are the four things all South Africans need to have.

Locally speaking: four things ALL South Africans need

There are five basic things all South Africans need.

The needs are every citizen’s right, no matter where in South Africa you are based – or how long you have lived here.

You can ask government for help if you don’t have these things.

You can ask SAPS for assistance if these things are being denied.

Government has to listen if you ask: these are basic human rights built on our Constitution.

What are they?

Locally speaking: Four things ALL South Africans need

All South Africans need to feel safe in their homes, schools, and workplaces.

Safety is one of the first basic human rights, along with housing and the right to eat healthy

We are all human, and we all deserve these rights.

Here are the four things all South Africans need.

Identity Documents

It’s your right to have an identity document. Every legal citizen and resident has registered documents, which are their personal property. You are not allowed to take or withhold an ID from anyone – though sometimes criminals, like loan sharks, will try.

Apply through the Department of Home Affairs if you don’t have this basic right.

Social Assistance

SASSA provides social welfare assistance to anyone qualifying.

Social grants fill in the income gaps for families or persons who can’t do it themselves. State assistance can be temporary or permanent.

Grants include the SRD Grant, Disability Grant, and Childcare Grant.

Basic Housing

The Department of Human Settlements co-operates with other departments to offer housing to needy South Africans. Anyone can apply for housing from government. Everyone deserves a safe place to call home.

It’s another basic human right. For many South Africans it remains an urgent need.

Access to Water

Water is an important right.

Do you have access to water?

It’s government’s responsibilty and your human right.

Access to clean, safe water is important too.

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