The influencer representing Kempton Park

Sami Hall has an opinion about everything.

She’s had something to say about the Springboks and rugby, loadshedding, and never emigrating from South Africa.

Her videos have thousands of views. She’s got a store, merchandise, and a book already.

Who is this popular influencer?

What’s up with the accent?

Here’s more about the influencer who’s representing Kempton Park.

Sami Hall

Sami Hall Says is an influencer with bite.

And popularity: she has more than 110, 000 TikTok followers.

She’s from South Africa, and talks about South Africa. Her content features things that South Africans will know by heart – including biltong, rugby, music, and road rage.

There’s more to the story.

She’s from Kempton Park – and that’s what’s up with the accent.

Kempton Park is where you’ll find OR Tambo International Airport. The spooky Kempton Park Hospital is also located close to here.

Arguably, you’ll also see many mullet hairstyles.

Sami was apparently born in this hospital before it was closed in the 90s.

Check out TikTok or Facebook for some of Sami’s videos.

The other Sammy Hall

She’s not the only famous Hall out there!

She’s not to be confused with the gospel music singer Sammy Hall.

Sammy Hall was part of a band, The Birdwatchers.

You can watch birds from Kempton Park, but that’s not the same Sami Hall!

More About Sami Hall

Sami Hall is an influencer, but she’s also a writer and comedian – plus she owns her own store called Mieliepap Plaaswinkel. She’s become more than popular, she also has a busy schedule.

What do you have to say about Sami Hall?

Schalk Bezuidenhout and Sami Hall

What does Schalk Bezuidenhout have to do with Sami Hall?

They might not look alike, but there are similarities. They’re both from the same area.

Schalk, who has opened for Trevor Noah and others, comes from Rhodesfield. That’s just another way of saying Kempton Park!

That explains the accent.

For both of them.

Sami Hall: Own the accent

Sami also sells hoodies and shirts

Her viral slogans are now on merchandise. You can even get a mug, and wake up with the right voice in your head.

Love talking foreign?

Now you can own the accent!

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