‘I’m Hurt Today, They Killed My Daughter, I Am Hurt.’

The personal tragedy of the African National Congress secretary-general Fikile Mbalula became a topic of national discussion after a range of tweets stirred the emotions amongst the South African public.

Fikile Mbalulu tweets tragedy news

On X, Mbalula tweeted that he had lost his daughter.

“Am hurt today They killed my daughter am hurt,” wrote @MbalulaFikile

The concise tweet led many to believe that the secretary general biological daughter was the victim of the tragic incident.

The confusion and concern were palpable as sympathies poured in for what was assumed to be an unspeakable family tragedy.

Then later an unexpected tweet by Mbalula tweeting “This is my daughter working in my office.”

The clarification, shedding light on the situation, sparked a wave of reactions on social media.

Many expressed disappointment and frustration over the misunderstanding, criticizing the Secretary-General for the ambiguous wording of his initial tweet.

The impression that his biological daughter had died, when in fact, it was a close employee, led to accusations of misleading the public and sensationalizing the tragedy.

“YOU NEH! Have us out here writing long messages of condolences directed to the wrong families. We are even confusing ancestors because of your way of talking…mxm,” wrote @CameronPetersSA

“Using someone’s death for clout is not on at all. Condolences to the family, may she rest,” wrote @KgomotsoTlhapan

Despite the controversy, Kelly’s death is a tragedy that has deeply affected the Secretary-General and those close to her.

It highlights the personal toll that violence can take on individuals and families, irrespective of their public status or position.

Who was Keletile Mathata?

Keletile Mathata was an ANC staffer working in the office of ANC Secretary General Fikile Mbalula, was brutally murdered in a barrage of gunfire at Molewa Pub and Grill in Hebron, Pretoria.

According to Central News the attacked occurred early Monday morning when gunmen targeted a vehicle she was in.

It was suggested that it was a planned hit.


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