Malema discusses his iconic ramp lift

All roads led to the FNB stadium on Saturday 29 July last year for Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) supporters who flocked to the stadium to celebrate the party’s 10 anniversary. Pictures and video footage from the event flooded the internet as social media users discussed how successful it was.

While Malema garnered quite a bit of criticism over his utterances at the event, he has also received praise from the likes of local celebs and even opposition party leaders.

This week he sat down with 94.7’s Breakfast Club to discuss the iconic ramp lift, his family life and politics.

Malema finally opens up about iconic ramp lift

Last year, Julius Malema achieved his goal of filling up the FNB stadium in celebration of the Economic Freedom Fighters’ 10-year anniversary.

Thousands of people headed to the stadium dressed in their red EFF regalia to support that “commander” Julius Malema.

Photos from the event have been circulating on social media ever since and have impressed many people.

Julius Malema of the EFF has been praised for filling the FNB stadium. Images via Twitter: @EFF

One particular moment left many in awe — Malema being lifted on a ramp as confetti shot out all around him.

Photos and videos of the lift instantly went viral. Social media users even started the Malema ramp challenge in honour of the EFF president.

Even PA leader Gayton McKenzie is one of thousands who posted a pic of Malema at the event and in the caption, sang Malema’s praises.

“Some people are for Malema, some against him, I am against him but we should all park our envy, what he and EFF did at FNB is impressive beyond. Let’s just be silent or clap but leave the hate on this matter, he did it. Salute.”

Big dreams, shaky knees

This week, Malema opened up about the iconic ramp lift while sitting down with Anele and the Breakfast Club.

According to the EFF leader, he was quite skeptical about doing the lift but was convinced by the stage manager who wanted to try something different.

“The first time it went up, I almost jumped. It starts by shaking and then it goes up. The knees were like no man,” he explained to the 947 team who laughed heartily at his admission.

He also opened up about his home life and how his kids don’t really pine over unhealthy takeaways like MacDonalds and pizza.

According to him, they only eat ice cream on sunny days.

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