Cape Town announces a shutdown of the Blackheath Water Treatment Plant

The City’s Water and Sanitation Directorate has announced the imminent shutdown of the Blackheath Water Treatment Plant (WTP) for urgent maintenance.

From 8:00 on Wednesday, 3 April, until midnight on Friday, 5 April, the crucial facility will undergo necessary repairs, disrupting the usual water supply to a significant portion of the city.

Responsible for servicing a large swath of Cape Town, the Blackheath WTP plays a pivotal role in ensuring residents have access to clean water.

However, the exigency of maintenance work mandates its temporary closure.

Blackheath WTP to redirect water, possible pressure reductions

To mitigate the impact, alternative water sources will be redirected from neighboring treatment plants to the affected areas supplied by the Blackheath WTP. Despite these efforts, some parts of the city may experience a temporary reduction in water pressure.

In light of this development, residents are earnestly urged to curb their water usage during the shutdown Blackheath WTP period.

“Residents across Cape Town are kindly requested to reduce their water consumption to ensure the provision of a sustainable water supply during the shutdown period,” stated the City of Cape Town.

City prioritises water infrastructure maintenance

The City acknowledges the inconvenience this Blackheath WTP shutdown may cause to residents. However, prioritising the upkeep of essential water infrastructure is paramount to safeguarding the long-term reliability of the city’s water supply.

The City aims to minimise future disruptions by proactively addressing maintenance needs. It ensures uninterrupted access to clean water for its consumers.

As Cape Town braces for this temporary inconvenience, the City expresses its gratitude for residents’ cooperation and understanding.

How residents can prepare

Preparing for possible water supply disruptions:

  • Store enough water in clean, sealed containers beforehand for use during the disruption.
  • Keep taps closed to prevent water loss and/or damage when supply is restored.


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