Hazardous chemical containers recovered safely

Garden District Municipality Fire Services and Garden District Disaster Risk Management have assured the public that all hazardous chemical containers detected along the coastline have been safely recovered and posed no risk to the community.

Following the recovery efforts, authorities confirmed that all containers were sealed and no longer posed a threat.

After the public advisory cautioning against approaching any 200kg blue sealed container found washed ashore or adrift at sea along the Garden Route or South Cape coastline, this update was provided.

Containers safely recovered

In a recent incident, two additional containers were spotted along the Mossel Bay coastline. One container washed ashore in Hartenbos and was promptly recovered by GRDM Fire & Rescue Services on the morning of Saturday, 30 March.

Fortunately, this container was found to be empty, alleviating any potential risk.

Furthermore, the second container, located in Mossel Bay Harbour and approaching the De Bakke shore, was recovered by NSRI Mossel Bay in collaboration with GRDM Fire and Rescue Services. The container was sealed and safely transferred by the authorities.

MARCLEAN, a company specialising in hazardous materials management, particularly maritime waste, has been actively involved in addressing the containers situation. While a blue container found on Arniston Beach was determined to be unrelated and posed no risk, emergency services remain vigilant and on 24-hour alert status.

Chief Fire Officer commends public and emergency services collaboration

Deon Stoffels, Chief Fire Officer of Garden District Municipality Fire and Rescue Services, expressed gratitude for the proactive response from the public and collaboration among emergency services and contract personnel.

“We commend the immense positive response from the concerned public and those public members who alerted authorities to sightings of containers and all of the emergency services and contract services who assisted in this case are commended,” said Stoffels.


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