Did someone ‘vang a pain’ in THIS song lyric?

Rapper ‘beef’ refers to conflict between rap musicians, which sometimes gets played out through their lyrics. All the cool kids are doing it – and they’ve been doing it since rap’s founding days.

Eminem’s song ‘Untouchable’ references Die Antwoord, saying that he’d ‘rather say the N-word than Die Antwoord’. They referenced Eminem back in the recent release ‘Everything is Perfect’ – apparently, Waddy Jones would still like collaboration with the artist.

Die Antwoord’s new song references popular culture and ‘haters’, but there’s a subtle reference too.

Here’s more about the song reference, and who it could be referencing.

Rapper Beef: Did someone ‘vang a pain’?

‘Everything is Perfect’ starts with a monologue about ‘a huge penis’, and leads into lyrics about Die Antwoord’s fall from grace.

According to the song, ‘fake news’ and ‘haters’ have kept the band awake for a while.

The song also states, during Yolandi’s bit: ‘hulle vang `n pyn’.

It’s an Afrikaans rapper phrase that means someone has a chip on their shoulder, beef, or an ‘issue’ with something (or someone).

Unfortunately, another singer used it first.

Rapper Beef: Die Antwoord’s ‘Everything is Perfect’

Die Antwoord is known for their collaboration with others, including Isaac Mutant, Jack Parow, Scallywag and G-Boy van Boom.

Unfortunately, most of their beloved collaboraters are in the ‘hater’ column today.

According to news reports, Die Antwoord members made filming ‘Chappie’ a nightmare on set. News reports have also criticized the band for their behaviour – and Reddit users have pointed to aggressive fans at their recent concerts.

Reddit users have also called the documentary ‘late damage control’.

Yolandi’s lyrics contain the phrase: ‘Hulle vang `n pyn.’

It’s a common saying, but unfortunately also appeared in a previous rap song… One Die Antwoord didn’t write.

G-Boy the OG

G-Boy van Boom is a Cape Town artist, collaborating with Die Antwoord on several of their songs and tours.

He’s become known for his fast lyrics and freestyles.

In February 2022, he released the song ‘Don’t Vang a Pain’ to Spotify and other platforms.

Are the band referencing one of their past collaborators?

Do you think it’s a tribute or an insult?

Listen to G-Boy’s take on the expression below.

Don’t Vang a Pain: G-Boy

Here’s the original song by G-Boy.

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