City of Tshwane denies election day sabotage claims

The City of Tshwane has strongly denied accusations of election sabotage following service interruptions on Wednesday.

Allegations surfaced after Centurion, Mamelodi, Moreleta Park, and Soshanguve experienced power disruptions on election day, prompting public concern and speculation.

Addressing the issue, city spokesperson Selby Bokaba clarified that all interruptions were resolved swiftly by the city’s technicians.

Bokaba denies election day sabotage claims

“The narrative of sabotage is entirely false,” Bokaba asserted, emphasising that the disruptions stemmed from system failures and cable theft, not deliberate actions.

Furthermore, he criticised the insinuations as “dangerous and irresponsible.”

Bokaba also pointed out that such incidents are not uncommon in Tshwane.

“These types of interruptions happen daily,” he explained, adding that city officials carry out their duties impartially.

“Our staff are apolitical and execute their responsibilities without regard to any political affiliations,” he said, reinforcing the city’s commitment to neutral and efficient service delivery.

Vote count and early results

Meanwhile, as polling stations closed nationwide, the focus shifted to the vote count and the early results coming in from the Results Operations Centre (ROC).
According to the Electoral Act, the Commission has 7 days within which to announce the results.

“We have always been able to declare and announce the results well within this period and will endeavour to do so with these elections,” said IEC.

According to The South African, the African National Congress (ANC) currently leads with 537 812 votes, making up 42.49% of the total. The Democratic Alliance (DA) follows with 330 553 votes (26.12%), and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) hold third place with 106 309 votes (8.40%).

Note: These preliminary figures are not final but provide a strong indication of the likely outcome.

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