Premium South African mixers brand makes a major fizz in the UK

Fitch & Leedes (F&L), the famous South African brand of mixers is hoping to corner the UK market this summer.

F&L is already the top-selling tonic in South Africa and boasts a massive 780 million units sold worldwide.

The brand describes itself as “bespoke mixers for the discerning individual,” and draws inspiration from two intrepid pioneers of the 16th Century who travelled the globe in search of new and exotic flavours.

“Fitch & Leedes authentically captures the romance and integrity of a bygone era, crafting drinks that transcend expectations…offering unmatched, quality mixers,” its UK site reads.

The mixer launch

The F&L launch took place in York, England in collaboration with a local spirits company.

“The stock actually arrived around Christmas, but we decided to hold off until now as Fitch and Leedes is positioned to be the perfect summer drink,” Paul Durham, who is heading up the UK distribution of Fitch & Leedes, told The York Press.

“We’re hosting a number of launches across the UK but decided to have the first here in York.”

The event featured F&L’s high-end infused tonics, while the brand also offers alcohol-free ‘classics’ like ginger ale and lime twist that are used as mixers or enjoyed on their own.

F&L is also unique in that it is the only brand in the world to offer on-the-spot mixing options, via a QR code on its cans. This takes the consumer to a site where they can browse recipes and get inspiration for drink and cocktail ideas.

In another strategic move, Chill Beverages, the renowned owner of Fitch & Leedes, recently sold a stake to Mineworkers Investment Company as the latter ventures further into the beverage industry.

Fitch & Leedes is set to launch in bars and shops across the UK soon.

South African whisky wins ‘world’s best’ at global Whiskies Awards

In related news, another South African drinking brand has made a big impression overseas.

At the recent 2024 World Whiskies Awards, Three Ships Whisky was judged the ‘World’s Best’ in its category.

More specifically, the Three Ships Whisky 12-Year-Old Double Wood was honoured as the World’s Best Blended Limited Release.

This added to an earlier announcement that four South African whiskies had secured category winner titles.

The legacy of excellence for Three Ships Whisky goes back to 2012, when its 5-Year-Old Premium Select variant claimed the title of World’s Best Blended Whisky.

This year, the 5-Year-Old Premium Select solidified its position as a finalist in the Blends category once more.

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