Carte Blanche: Dangerous children in Western Cape gangs

Sunday, 2 June episode of Carte Blanche delves into the disturbing truth of child soldiers in the Western Cape.

Gangs exploit these vulnerable youth, some acting as lookouts, others peddling drugs, but the most chilling are the enforcers – children wielding guns and violence.

This investigative report exposes the harsh reality of gang culture, where youngsters are both victims and perpetrators, their innocence lost in a world of drugs, power, and bloodshed.

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For more on this story, don’t miss this Sunday’s episode.

Carte Blanche is a South African investigative journalism television series that airs on M-Net every Sunday at 19:00.

Its first episode aired on 21 August 1988 and over the last 34-plus years has earned credibility among South African viewers for its investigation into corruption, consumer issues, and current events.

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