DA member accuses Ntsiki Mazwai of race-baiting in video [watch]

The Democratic Alliance (DA) Renaldo “Ngamla” Gouws has clapped back at Ntsiki Mazwai’s video rejecting their party from forming a coalition government with other political parties.

The opposition party – led by John Steenhuisen – has revealed its intention to “negotiate talks” with the ANC, who won just 40% of the vote following last week’s elections.

According to Ngouws, the controversial media personality is “racist” and “ignorant” of their party’s ambitions for the country.


In a video posted on her X account, Ntsiki Mazwai claimed South Africans would reject a DA coalition with the ANC.

She said: “We don’t know by what miracle that the DA is one of the top parties in the country. They represent a minority that is less than 10%

“When you put the DA in front, you are instigating racial tension in this country. The last time white people were in power, black people died in multiples.  White people do not have a good rapport when it comes to leadership”.

She continued: “So can we think of another plan? Perhaps white people can learn to integrate with the Indigenous community and join Indigenous parties, perhaps? Instead of acting like they are superior and, they need their own little corner where they control everybody.

“The DA racists are not what South Africa wants.”

The DA’s Ngamla Gouws responded to the video, calling out the former Moja Love presenter for her race-baiting views.

He said: “More black, coloured, and Indian people voted for the DA than white people.

Addressing Ntsiki, he asked: “Do you know the difference between the DA and the National Party? You’re blaming the DA when the DA fought Apartheid? Why are you stereotyping all white people? Afrikaans is indigenous too”.

Gouws added that Ntsiki Mazwai represented “ignorance, arrogance, and racist” rhetoric.

Fellow South Africans had mixed views about Ntsiki’s statement. While some called her out for fear-mongering and inciting racism, others agreed with her stance.

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According to EWN, the DA has confirmed preliminary talks of a coalition government with the ANC and the IFP.

The opposition party has also rejected any partnerships that include the EFF, MK Party, or the PA.

The DA secured over three million votes and 21% of the vote, while the IFP received over 3% with over 600,000 votes.

Despite previously vowing to never coalesce with the ANC, the DA has assured their supporters that they would “act in the interest of the people.”

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