Duduzile Zuma ‘groomed’ to follow father?

Duduzile Zuma – the daughter of MK Party leader Jacob Zuma –  has seemingly reacted to criticism about her interviews on the political party.

The 42-year-old made headlines last weekend when social media users accused her of having little to no experience.

Duduzile – the twin sister of Duduzane Zuma – is considered her father’s “right hand” and holds a position of authority in the party.


Over the weekend, Duduzile Zuma was questioned by various media houses over the MK Party’s plans for the country.

The party – led by former president Jacob Zuma – achieved over two million votes in last week’s general elections.

However, Duduzile’s remarks left many South Africans surprised at her lack of political knowledge, given her senior role in the party.

Following the backlash, the mom-of-two posted a statement hinting at the social media commentary.

She shared: “Thank you, AmaMK, because of President Zuma, I have found family with you all. Your love and support humbles me, and I don’t take it for granted because I know it is because of my father”.

Duduzile Zuma – the daughter of Jacob Zuma – has been mocked over her lack of political knowledge. This, after her disastrous interviews with various media houses last weekend.
Images via Instagram: @duduzilezuma_sambundla

She continued: “I am not a perfect being, and I will make mistakes; I will learn from them. This particular campaign trail has matured and groomed me. I still have a lot to learn, and I am excited to learn. It hasn’t been easy, but I never gave up”.

She added defiantly, “When the going gets tough, I get my fighting spirit from you all.”


Speaking to DJ Warras on The Shady Podcast, Duduzile Zuma revealed that she was, in fact, educated and held a qualification from Wits Business School.

“People like to call me an airhead…no honey”, she said.

Duduzile revealed that she embarked on her first political campaign with dad Jaco Zuma and the MK Party late last year. 

Although she did not have a political background, Duduzile claimed she “loved it.” “I have a bit of understanding of it now,” she added.

When asked if she was considered top brass, she confidently added: “My father is the head. But I am the neck.”

She added: “I sit in the core. I vote with other comrades, we make decisions, we debate.”

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