MORE SNOW is expected tomorrow

The weather service warned that MORE SNOW is expected in parts of South Africa.

These parts can expect more snow

Vox Weather expects more light snow over the next day or two.

Forecaster Michelle Cordier said light snow can still be expected in Lesotho and Southern Drakensberg in the Eastern Cape.

But she added that this is nothing compared to what South Africans experienced in the past week.

Expect freezing cold, wet conditions

“Very cold, wet, and windy conditions are expected in places over the Namakwa district in Northern Cape and the Witzenberg Local Municipality in Western Cape.”

Vox Weather furthermore said the next cold front will arrive in the west on Thursday, with scattered showers and freezing conditions.

“On Friday – Cool to cold conditions are spreading behind this front across the country, with light SNOW possible over Lesotho and the southern Drakensberg.”

The SA Weather Service (SAWS) issued a level 2 warning for disruptive snow in the following areas for Friday:

  • Elundini / Nqanqarhu/Maclear
  • Senqu / Barkly East
  • Sakhisizwe / Elliot

The SAWS said the snow is expected to result in:

  • Dangerous driving conditions (with traffic routes affected).
  • Road and pass closures for a short period.
  • Loss of crops and livestock.
  • Disruption to services.


“Small stock farmers are encouraged to shelter animals. Dress warmly and avoid high mountain passes if possible. Avoid travel and exercise caution when on the roads as they may be icy and dangerous.”

It advised residents to make contact with their closest disaster manager or community leader and keep listening to the radio for updates.


  • Please take extra care to provide for your pets and livestock during cold periods.
  • Management of the cow’s environment- move all livestock to a safe area. e.g. warm place’,
  • Providing extra hay/forage/feed to livestock is crucial, as they may require up to double the calories for normal body heat maintenance during extreme cold.
  • Do not shear the Angora goat. Also, take extra time to observe livestock, looking for early signs of disease and injury.
  • Severe cold-weather injuries or death primarily affect animals that are already debilitated or the very young. Cases of cold weather-related sudden death in calves often result when cattle are suffering from undetected infection, particularly pneumonia. Investigate sudden, unexplained livestock deaths and illnesses promptly to identify a cause and take steps to protect the remaining animals.
  • Pay special attention to very young and old animals. They may be less able to tolerate temperature extremes and have weaker immune systems.


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