Cyril Ramaphosa reiterates commitment to uplifting South Africa

President-elect Cyril Ramaphosa has reaffirmed his commitment to continue to work towards the objectives of building a united and prosperous South Africa.

In his acceptance speech after being elected by Members of Parliament to be the president of the seventh administration, Ramaphosa on Friday said he was “humbled and honoured” to be entrusted with the responsibility of the office.

‘Message was clear’ – Cyril Ramaphosa

“It is with pleasure that I accept [the re-election]. It will once again be a privilege and pleasure to serve this great nation in the position of President. I wish to thank all leaders for their congratulatory messages.

“Your messages are a clear clarion call for working together, and they constitute what I see as a well of encouragement, good advice and wisdom,” Ramaphosa said.

Ramaphosa, the president of the ANC, was re-elected at the first sitting of the National Assembly of the seventh administration held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC).

Earlier in the day, he was also sworn in as a Member of the National Assembly. However, once elected, he ceases to be an MP.

The Constitution stipulates that once elected as president by the National Assembly, the president-elect must assume office within five days by taking an oath or affirming their faithfulness to the Republic and their obedience to the constitution.

After the conclusion of the first sittings, MPs will proceed to attend the inauguration of the president-elect, which is scheduled for 19 June 2024 in Pretoria.

‘Hope and inclusivity’

Addressing the House as president-elect after securing 283 votes of 339 during Friday’s proceedings, Ramaphosa said he believed that this is an era of hope and inclusivity.

He acknowledged the reality of the 2024 National and Provincial Elections results, where no party represented in the National Assembly achieved an outright majority to enable it to work alone legislatively and at the executive level.

“Through their vote, our people expect all parties to work together within the framework of our constitution, and to work as political parties to achieve the objectives of a democratic society based on non-racialism, non-sexism, peace, justice, and to ensure stability and tackle the triple challenge of poverty, unemployment and inequality, and to achieve prosperity for all,” Ramaphosa said.

He challenged the political parties represented in parliament to pledge to cooperate to foster national unity, and through the voluntary government of national unity.

Once the president has taken the oath of office, he will proceed to form a cabinet, selecting ministers who will head various government departments and execute the administration’s policies.

Additionally, the president will convene a joint sitting of the newly established National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces for the Opening of Parliament. 

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