Oscar Mabuyane re-elected as Eastern Cape Premier

In a significant political development, Oscar Mabuyane has been re-elected as the Premier of the Eastern Cape, reaffirming his leadership within the African National Congress (ANC). Bhisho speaker Helen Sauls-August confirmed Mabuyane’s unopposed nomination on Friday, marking a seamless continuation of his tenure.

Helen Sauls-August was re-elected as the Speaker of the Provincial Legislature with Vuyo Jali as the newly elected Deputy Speaker.

ENCA reported, Mabuyane issued a stern warning to members of his administration – to either shape up or step down from office. He also hinted that there won’t be many changes to his cabinet.                                                                                                                         

He said, “I believe the cabinet has done really well I subscribe to the philosophy to say if it is not broken why fix it?”         

Alan Winde re-elected as Western Cape Premier

Simultaneously, political stability was also evident in the Western Cape. The Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Alan Winde was re-elected by the Western Cape legislature for another five-year term as premier. Winde’s consistent leadership continues to shape the province’s policies and governance.

Alongside him, Daylin Mitchell was re-elected as the speaker of the House, ensuring a familiar and experienced leadership team remains at the helm. Reagen Allen stepped into the role of deputy speaker, succeeding Beverley Schäfer, further solidifying the province’s administrative framework.

Premier Winde said, “It is a profound honour and privilege that I have been given. In my first term of office, we achieved so much in our efforts to address the wicked problems facing this province, but I know that many of those still remain. As I crisscrossed this province I saw how many of our residents are struggling and the responsibility that we as government have to step in and provide that critical social safety net for each of them. I owe it to you our residents to work even harder as I lead this government once more.”

Panyaza Lesufi re-elected in Gauteng

Gauteng also witnessed continuity in its political leadership as Andrek ‘Panyaza’ Lesufi was re-elected as premier. His election took place during the Gauteng Provincial Legislature’s first sitting on Friday, 14 June, reflecting a unified decision by the assembly members.

According to SA News, Lesufi expressed his appreciation and commitment, stating, “The people of the province have spoken, and we have heard them. We’ve been asked to work together… We’ve been asked to combine our ideas for a better Gauteng, to combine our ideas, we will do, together (sic).”

“My sincerest appreciation to the officials and staff of the Gauteng provincial government and former leaders and members of this legislature.

“I am nothing without the ANC and our alliance partners. The movement of the people, by the people. Thank you so much for assigning me to be an instrument of change, an instrument of liberation,” the Premier said.

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