A comparison of coffee prices in South Africa

For generations, the smell of coffee has been a familiar way for South Africans (Mzansi) to begin their mornings

The country’s coffee culture continues to evolve at a record pace, with the opening of more speciality coffee shops and cafes.

The ever-growing number of choices provides more opportunities for coffee lovers to enjoy a cup of their favourite brew.

Coffee shops and cafes have become increasingly popular gathering places, providing a space for people to catch up with friends, do business, or just enjoy some alone time.

In light of this, The South African website looked at how coffee prices compare across nine of South Africa’s most popular coffee shops.

For the comparison, we looked at the price of a “tall” Americano, caffe latte and cappuccino.

Company Americano Caffe latte Cappuccino
Wimpy R33.90 R35.90 R42.90
W Cafe R34.00 R41.00 R41.00
Starbucks R40.00 R48.00 R48.00
McCafé R27.90 R33.60 R32.30
Vida e Caffè R38.00 R40.00 R40.00
Bootlegger R34.00 R37.00 R37.00
Mugg & Bean R33.00 R39.00 R35.00
Bean Tree Cafe R55.50 R49.50 R45.00
Seatle Coffee Company R30.00 R33.50 R33.50
Wild Bean Cafe R20.90 R46.90 R44.90

NOTE: The prices above were taken from the individual coffee shop and cafe’s website or online research and were accurate at the time of publishing.

Who sells the best coffee in South Africa?

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