Zahara’s husband, Mpho Xaba still paying her hospital bill

Zahara’s husband, Mpho Xaba, is making headlines after he opened up about his woes with his late wife’s family. The two reportedly tied the knot barely a few months before the untimely death of Zahara.

The multi-award-winning singer passed away on 11 December 2023 after being admitted for almost a month at a private hospital in Johannesburg. However, she was laid to rest in her home province, the Eastern Cape, on 23 December.


Mpho Xaba is making headlines after revealing that he still pays Zahara’s hospital bill. He has it that he doesn’t know where Zahara is buried.

Speaking to Sunday World, Zahara’s husband said he is still settling her hospital bills. He said, “I am still paying her hospital bill. Her total hospital bill is around R820,000. Fortunately, medical aid covered R712,000 of it. The rest I must pay for. There is no one to pay for it in the family. Obviously, because they only care about themselves and what they can get from all of this.”

However, this is a shocker to many since Zahara’s family seemingly distanced themselves from the bubbly engineer after his rumoured wedding with Zahara.

Confirmed reports have it that he was even sidelined during Zahara’s funeral preparations. ZiMoja reports that the family does not recognise him as her husband (or fiancé) because he reportedly did not pay full lobola.

Mpho Xaba said, “I was completely sidelined on funeral arrangements. [They did] not consult me on anything. Myself and my family were completely sidelined. Our opinions didn’t matter. We were not allowed to make any opinions.”

However, he said it was his right to mourn Zahara. Zahara’s husband has it that everything changed after her untimely death, and he became Zahara’s family enemy.

This is undoubtedly the first time Mpho Xaba has opened up about his woes. On the other hand, Zahara’s family is making headlines after listing some of her valuables for sale. The incident comes after her family lost the bid to keep her lush house in Roodepoort.


The two engaged last year in March. No doubt they made headlines against their engagement. In November, the two reportedly had their traditional wedding. However, against their traditional wedding ceremony, Zahara’s family distanced themselves from Mpho Xaba.

After a few weeks in the hospital, news of her passing made rounds on 23 December. Close friends and family later confirmed the news to the media. However, months later, Mzansi has yet to connect the dots about the cause of her death.

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