Today’s latest news and headlines, Tuesday, 18 June

We’ve got the latest news stories and headlines in South Africa on Tuesday, 18 June.

South Africa’s nine provincial Premiers for the seventh administration were voted in. Here are the elected Premiers.

But just how much will these newly-elected Parliament members earn?

Meanwhile, popular Afrikaans singer Thys die Bosveldklong passed away in a Pretoria hospital after a long battle with multiple sclerosis.

In other news, two Cape Town fishermen, well-known in the fishing community, lost their lives in a fatal fishing trip in Bantry Bay.

Lastly, an organisation in Johannesburg has gone ahead with legal proceedings to try and halt the operations of 14 illegal dump sites.


Revealed: South African MPs and Ministers’ New Salaries

The office of the Presidency has gazetted the approved salary hikes for ministers, deputy ministers, members of parliament and other legislators in South Africa.

The salaries will kick in retroactively from 1 April 2024, and reflect a 2.5% increase—well below inflation.

Here are all the newly-elected provincial Premiers in SA

Let’s take a look at the nine provincial Premiers for the seventh administration.

Newly-inducted provincial legislature representatives voted them in between the 13th and 14th of June.

Afrikaans singer dies, losing his battle against MS

The popular Afrikaans singer Thys Streicher, better known as Thys die Bosveldklong, died on Saturday evening around 22:00 in a Pretoria hospital after a long battle with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Thys, 49, was an Afrikaans comedian-singer, TV presenter, and radio announcer. Many South Africans were huge fans of Thys.

14 smoldering, illegal dumps in Johannesburg service 800 trucks a day

In the north of Johannesburg between Kya Sand and Chartwell AH, 14 illegal dumping sites are servicing up to 800 rubbish trucks a day.

According to the Fourways Review, these sites are run by organised crime syndicates and accept various types of waste. This includes everything from general household garbage, building rubble and garden refuse to toxic chemicals, electronic goods, and even medical waste.

Fatal fishing trip in Bantry Bay, Cape Town

Two well-known Cape Town fishermen drowned in a fatal fishing trip after their boat capsized in Bantry Bay.

According to the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI), three men embarked on the fishing trip. Two drowned and one, who was transported to a hospital, survived.


Take a look at weather forecasts for all nine provinces here.

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