Prison Journalism: The story of Madiba

Madiba is a very good man. If you talk about a thief, you talk about Madiba. Madiba grew up in Bronza and went to school at Bronville Primary School. Madiba is his nickname; his name is Blaza. He is the only son of his mother and father. Madiba grew up going to church with his parents.

Teenage years and early troubles

Madiba’s father passed away when he was 19 years old. Madiba started to move with his friends. He was the smallest one. They also did H.B. (house breaking). They used to send him in because he was on the thin side. At the young age of 15, Madiba played for a team. “The guys even there”, the boss of the club paid him a match allowance.

I’ll say Madiba was a mama’s boy. We all love our mothers, but Madiba took the cake home. Now the problem starts. Madiba was now at high school. The next thing, Madiba gets a girlfriend. Madiba ran for the school. Hey! Madiba was a very fast guy. Madiba was a young man with a few nicknames.

Criminal activities

Now my man and the company started with one or two guys. They were working for the owner of the club. The owner of the club would give them the name of the car and the model and year. The guys would sometimes, when they can’t steal them, work it. When they see it. The guy was about 16. Fresh young meat. Guys, one car. The boss was not happy at all. Madiba didn’t move with them. He was the shining star.

Madiba started to groove by himself. Madiba was on his own now. Madiba would steal about four cars a weekend. Madiba had a girlfriend that he must supply. Madiba said the day the police caught him red-handed. He hit the Welkom Hotel. Madiba used to get free R500 bail. The cases started to be many and many.

More criminal activities and consequences

By this time, Madiba was still under 18. He bought himself a 325i BMW. After that, he bought himself the BMW. He started to be heavy on the cars. Madiba’s previous cases started to increase. This is the time the police caught Madiba each and every time. It’s the same judge at court 21.

Final arrest and sentencing

This was for sure his last performance. Madiba said about five times the judge kept on telling him, “you will be sorry one day”. The day arrived in two months. Madiba appeared three times. This time was the fourth time. Madiba said he knew that today there’s no way that I am going to get free. The previous cases they make it the case. The legal aid lawyer fights with tooth and nails.

Prison life

The judge sentences Madiba to a healthy 15 years with the possibility of parole. Madiba started his sentence at Kroonstad C. Centre. Madiba started to work as a cleaner. Madiba began to be a 26s; the guy is a real money lover. At Kroonstad, they always caught him with money. And the wardens started to make him a target and you must give someone your money. Lucky for Madiba, he had one boy by his side. Soccer game, the guy will stake for his team in prison. They make money out of a game of soccer. Madiba thinks that he will get parole in St. Albans in the Eastern Cape.

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