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With cost living on the rise, City of Cape Town indigent benefits are available to anyone struggling to cover their monthly municipal expenses. The South African has already explored the nationwide Free Basic Electricity scheme which comes online from 1 July 2024. Now, here’s the latest on City of Cape Town indigent benefits, which writes off a portion of water and refuse collection for qualifying customers.


Nearly one out of every four homes (22 out of 100) qualifies as indigent. Image: File

Remarkably, even in South Africa’s premier province – the Western Cape – as many as 22 out of every 100 households is considered indigent, confirms Stats SA. For residents struggling to pay municipal fees, many of them old-age pensioners who own property/homes they can no longer maintain, the City of Cape Town offers indigent benefits. Pensioners can still apply even if they receive a South African Social Security Agency grant. Better still, older persons can also apply if their monthly pension fund payout is below R22 000.

Based on certain qualifying criteria, you may receive a massive rebate (discount) on municipal rates and taxes. Moreover, the Mayoral Committee Member for Finance, Siseko Mbandezi, says eligible customers may also apply to write-off any debt in arrears. If the amount owing is older than three years, destitute residents may enter into a payment agreement with the City of Cape Town to wipe out their debt.


City of Cape Town indigent benefits
Even the most basic food stuffs are increasing in price, making it difficult for poorer families to make ends meet. Image: File

“When there’s a lot of debt, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with payments. Giving qualifying customers this opportunity to reduce pressure and provide a clean slate to encourage them to pay what they can and keep up to date with their payments. A healthy payment culture is vital for the health of the municipality and continued delivery of services,” says Mbandezi.  

  • You may be eligible for an (up to) 100% refund on your property rates.
  • Free refuse collection.
  • 15 000 litres of free water per month.
  • 10 500 litres of free sewage services per month.

If you believe you qualify click HERE to start the application process.


To qualify for City of Cape Town indigent benefits and wipe out any outstanding debt, you will need to produce the following to the city:

  • Copy of your ID.
  • Three months’ bank statements.
  • Proof of income showing you earn below a certain level.
  • Your current account details.
  • A payment arrangement will be determined by the city based on what you can afford.
  • Show a signed and certified affidavit if you are unemployed.


City of Cape Town indigent benefits
Is local government doing enough to help the indigent in South Africa? Image: Duncan P Walker

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