Carte Blanche: Limpopo bus tragedy

Sunday, 23 June episode of Carte Blanche investigates the Easter weekend tragedy in Limpopo, where a bus crash claimed 45 lives.

While authorities point to driver error as the cause, Carte Blanche raises questions about the bridge’s condition before the accident.

The investigative show delves into the state of the bridge, suggesting a potential contributing factor beyond just human error.

This tragedy, with a lone eight-year-old survivor, demands a thorough investigation to ensure all potential causes are addressed and similar disasters prevented.

For more on this story, don’t miss this Sunday’s episode.

Carte Blanche is a South African investigative journalism television series that airs on M-Net every Sunday at 19:00.

Its first episode aired on 21 August 1988 and over the last 34-plus years has earned credibility among South African viewers for its investigation into corruption, consumer issues, and current events.

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